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Testimonials for Robert Patterson

I went to see my family doctor as I had been suffering from low moods. My doctor recommended that it would be good for me to talk to someone about how I was feeling. I wasn’t sure what to expect from counselling as I had never been before. Robert made me feel very comfortable from […]

To say that working with Robert changed my life, would not be an over exaggeration. I now realise that I always worried excessively, but it reached a whole new level after the birth of my first child. My predisposition towards worry, coupled with Post Natal Depression, led to Generalised Anxiety Disorder which began to take […]

Depression has been part of my life since my late teens. I had been to see my doctor who asked me if I would consider seeing someone that I could talk to about my feelings. I remember that Robert made me feel very comfortable from our first meeting and I liked the fact that his […]

I have suffered with anxiety for much of my adult life and have never felt comfortable in talking about the way I am feeling with my family. I was referred to Robert by my doctor, who felt that I could benefit from seeing a therapist. I am so glad that I took my doctor’s advice, […]

I went to see Robert because I was finding it very difficult to deal with the death of my sister, and I felt that my mood swings were having a negative impact on my relationship with my husband. Robert helped me to deal with the anger that I was feeling over my sister’s death, and […]

I heard about Robert through my family doctor who recommended him. I must admit that it took me some time to contact him, as I was very nervous of talking to someone about my difficulties. I wish now that I hadn’t waited so long, and would highly recommend Robert if you are looking for help […]

Robert was recommended to me by a friend who had previously been to see him. I had been to counselling before, but as a man, didn’t feel comfortable talking about my issues with a female counsellor. From the first time I met Robert, he made me feel very comfortable, and I found him very caring […]

Robert helped me through a very tough time, and if it was not for him, I don’t know where I would be today. I can only express so much here, but I hope that I have managed to capture what Robert has done for me, and meant to me in my hours of need, and […]

I attended with Robert for counselling during a very difficult period in my life. Robert was very professional and caring in his approach. I found him to be non-judgmental, discreet and always approachable. Confidentiality was to the fore, and I had complete trust in him as a person and as a therapist. Robert helped me […]

Robert demonstrated the ability to form good relationships with clients and offered them a safe holding in the therapeutic space. He used our therapeutic models of working with clients who presented after a suicide attempt or who are experiencing suicidal ideation or engaging in self- harm. Robert displayed a sound ethical approach to his work.