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Testimonials for Robert Patterson

“I’ve struggled with depression, mood swings and obsessional thoughts for years. I’ve been to a number of counsellors and psychotherapists, but Robert is the only one who I would recommend. I don’t know anyone else who is as personal and thoughtful as he is. He not only intently listens and understands me as a client, […]

My wife was given Robert’s contact details by her doctor, and I decided that I really had to go and see him as I have been suffering from low moods for years. I found Robert to be a really professional and caring person, and it helped that his practice is based in a convenient and […]

I went to see Robert after getting a recommendation from my doctor. I instantly felt very comfortable talking with Robert, and he was able to give me useful advice on how to manage my anxiety. I had been thinking about going to see a therapist for years, but would always try to deal with things […]

I contacted Robert because I was having some difficulties at college, and my doctor had suggested that I go and see a professional, who I could talk openly with. I found Robert very easy to talk to, and he helped me to find solutions to things that had been troubling me. My family have noticed […]

Robert was recommended to me by a friend who had previously been to see him. I felt that I needed to talk with someone as I have been suffering with feelings of anxiety for some time, which was really affecting my relationship. I didn’t want to take medication, without first trying some therapy sessions. Robert […]

My doctor recommended that I go and see Robert, as he felt that counselling would be a more appropriate treatment for my negative thoughts. I had recently suffered a family bereavement, and I sometimes felt that I couldn’t face the world. Robert was lovely to talk with, and he allowed me to express how I […]

I went to see Robert because I was having difficulty in accepting my sexuality, and was not comfortable in talking to family and friends about it. Robert had been recommended to me by my family doctor, and from our first meeting I found him really easy to talk to. Robert was really good at just […]

I went to see my doctor because I had been suffering from low moods for some time. My doctor recommended that it would be a good idea for me to go and see Robert and talk about my feelings with a professional therapist. I was initially a bit hesitant, as I am a very private […]

I have always had a problem controlling my temper, and I went to see Robert after a recommendation from my family doctor. Robert helped me to see where my anger issues were coming from, and showed me how I could learn to control my temper, by expressing my feelings verbally, rather than bottling them up […]

I went to see Robert after being recommended by a family friend. I had experienced a traumatic death within my family, and needed help in learning how to express how I was feeling. At first, I found the sessions quite challenging, as I have never found it easy to talk about my feelings. However, Robert […]