To say that working with Robert changed my life, would not be an over exaggeration. I now realise that I always worried excessively, but it reached a whole new level after the birth of my first child. My predisposition towards worry, coupled with Post Natal Depression, led to Generalised Anxiety Disorder which began to take over my life. I became impossible to live with, and my wonderful life gave me no joy.

I was given Robert’s number by my G.P. and from the very first session, I never looked back. I felt instantly at ease with him, and while the hour long sessions were sometimes difficult, I learnt things about myself and my mental health that I had never before realised. Robert’s honest easy nature made the room a safe place for me to admit, often for the first time, my feelings and experiences. I was enabled to talk about how I felt without judgement or negativity. I learned that I could be as compassionate to myself as I was to other people. We are sometimes our own worst enemies! We listen to the little “negative monster” on our left shoulder, far more than we listen to his positive counterpart on our right.

Thanks to my sessions with Robert, I have learned to accept my anxiety and find positive and constructive ways of living with it. I can now “keep it in check”. I am easier to live with and worry far less about the opinions of others. I trust myself and my own opinions and decisions more, and in general, am enjoying my life and my beautiful children and wonderful husband.

If you are in a dark place and need someone to help you see the light, don’t wait as long as I did. Don’t think twice about contacting Robert, pick- up the phone and do it now!